Rivers First Aid is pleased to offer a full range of professional and personalised safety services. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, managing risk, improving safety, and assisting industry to meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements. Along with injury prevention guidance, we deliver the latest information on relevant workplace safety issues to ensure compliance obligations are fulfilled.

As an industry specialist we understand that every workplace has unique operational demands which require individual safety solution. With a focus on injury prevention, our highly qualified WH&S experts will work with your organisation to update, develop, and implement practical, strategic and realistic WH&S solutions into your business. An effective Safety Management System can help to improve operational efficiency, reduce lost-time injuries, manage risk and enhance customer satisfaction whilst meeting your due diligence obligations.

Rivers First Aid offers all WHS consulting services through our affiliate provider Work Health & Safety Australia Consultancy. With a wide range of compliance and safety solutions available we customises solutions for businesses of ALL sizes and risk profiles. Contact WHSA Consultancy for further information.